A foundation wall is the concrete or masonry wall below the ground level of your home. The walls are the main support for your house and are vital to structural integrity. The foundation walls form the basement, and when there is an issue with the foundation structure, the walls will form cracks to signify a problem.

But cracks aren’t the only sign of a problem. Uneven or bowing walls and windows and doors that stick or won’t close point to a significant foundation wall problem. All cracks in your home walls or ceilings need to be investigated by the professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas.

What Causes Foundation Wall Cracks?

Foundation wall cracks are caused by constant stress on the outside of your walls by soil and hydrostatic pressure. With enough pressure over a length of time, the walls will collapse.

When Should I Worry?

Any cracks in your foundation walls need to be inspected by foundation specialists, but if your walls have the following signs call Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas for an immediate inspection:

  • Cracks that are wider than one-tenth of an inch
  • Cracks that are increasing in size rapidly
  • Cracks that are wider at one end than the other
  • Large diagonal cracks
  • Cracks in brickwork that resemble a staircase or steps
  • Cracks that extend across the ceiling and down the wall

The cracks will not go away. Instead, they will grow more extensive and cause more structural damage. They need immediate treatment by professionals who will diagnose the problem and stabilize your home.

Cracked foundation brick wall

Need Help with Your Foundation Walls?

At the first sign of foundation wall cracks or damage, you need a specialist who will diagnose the problem and provide you with a long-lasting quality solution to repair and stabilize your home.

Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas are the Dallas-Fort Worth experts in foundation repairs and services. Contact us for your free inspection. No one knows foundations as well as we do.