Expansive Soil

Facing foundation failure is a stressful time for any homeowner. One simple problem can quickly cause several other symptoms to deal with. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we strive to make foundation repair easy and accessible for everyone by offering effective and affordable solutions to foundation repair.

How soil causes foundation failure.

Many homes experience expansive soil damage in Dallas. Foundation damage and cracks are common in areas that have extended drought periods because the soil around your foundation shrinks significantly. When the rainy season returns, the shrunken soil expands quickly and holds on to moisture, often leading to immense pressure on your foundation. Expansive soils can cause a multitude of symptoms around both to your foundation and other areas of your home, including:

  • Foundation slab cracks
  • Broken pipes or water lines
  • Damage to interior drywall
Expansive soils example image
Foundation Settle Helical Pier product image in use.

Foundation repair options for expansive soil.

When expansive soils become a problem for your foundation, our repair experts can help you determine the best solution available to restore structural stability to your home. There are numerous factors to be aware of before we can do so, such as the type of foundation you have. Typically, North Texas homes are built on either poured concrete or pier and beam foundations. These foundations often respond best to a pier system like helical piers. Our Dallas foundation experts will do a thorough review to choose the best system for you.

Depending on the source and severity of the foundation problem, we’ll likely choose a pier system to restore your home’s foundation. Piers are a versatile solution that can usually solve expansive soil damage in your Dallas home by transferring the weight to heavy-duty steel pipes drilled into load-bearing strata. From push piers to helical piers, our foundation contractors will find the best solution for your house

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Reach out to our team to learn more about which foundation solution is right for your home in Dallas. From pier systems to foundation replacement, our foundation experts can handle it all. We offer free estimates so we can diagnose the cause of the problem before determining the best repair option. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for foundation cracks in Dallas, TX.