Floor Crack Repair in Dallas

Cracks in your home’s floors are a stressful thing for any homeowner to experience. There are a variety of reasons that floors crack in the northern Texas areas. The most common cause is because of drought conditions that the region has during dry seasons. To understand whether your floor cracks are a sign of serious foundation problems, it’s best to consult with a foundation expert experienced in Texas home repair.

The slab floor settles toward the outside.  This is due to water settling along the perimeter of the foundation.

How to tell if your foundation is failing.

Learning which foundation failure symptoms to be aware of is important for catching issues before they become severe. North Texas homes generally show the following signs when they’re beginning to settle or shift:

  • Home appears lower on one side
  • Jammed doors and windows
  • Sloping or cracked interior floors
  • Nail heads protruding from interior walls
  • Separation around doors, windows, and walls

Why floor cracks happen.

The number one factor in foundation settlement is water. After the drought periods that are so common in Texas, the soil beneath your home experiences significant shrinkage. When it does finally rain again, the soil makes a drastic change quickly, expanding and putting pressure on your foundation. Excessive pressure from water can also happen due to improper landscaping drainage and plumbing leaks.

If your home’s property has trees near your foundation, this can also contribute to structural problems. The roots suck up any moisture that does make its way into the soil around your foundation, causing worse shrinkage during the dry season.

Adam injecting PolyLevel solution along areas of floor slab

Get a free foundation repair inspection.

It’s best to trust a Texas foundation expert that knows how to deal with the specific foundation types that are found in the Dallas area. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our team knows exactly what to look for. We offer free foundation inspections so we can identify the cause of failure and determine the right solution for your foundation type before you commit to any repairs.