Concrete Slab & Pool Deck Repairs Near Dallas

The backyard of your home is often one of the most comfortable, affordable places for a summer vacation, especially if you have a nice sized swimming pool and enough patio area for a barbecue grill and some comfortable seating. But in the middle of having a wonderful time, the last thing you want is to watch someone run alongside the water and stub their toe on a crack and fall flat on their face. But it happens. Pools are wonderful, and concrete makes for a good pool deck, but when things sit outside all year long in the heat and the cold, damage inevitably happens.

The concrete slab of the pool deck in your Dallas home is susceptible to the same settling and climatic conditions that affect the foundation of your home. Just as the soil around the foundation of your home settles, so does the backfilled soil around your pool deck, and the torsion of the uneven settling puts tremendous pressure on the concrete and causes it to crack and sink. It doesn't happen often, but we experience a few days of freezing every year here in the Dallas area, and that freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc with even the smallest cracks on your pool deck. Hail can cause spalling (chips and flakes), and sometimes the damage to your concrete pool deck happens from inferior construction when your pool was first made.

Our PolyLevel® Technique Restores Your Pool Deck

Our PolyLevel experts in Dallas offer a concrete slab and pool deck repair solution that is noninvasive and easy, and within minutes the deck of your pool will be ready for use. PolyLevel® is an expanding, high-density foam. We drill small holes into the concrete where the sinking has occurred, and we inject a precise amount of foam underneath the affected slab. As the foam expands, the concrete is lifted back into place. The expansion of the foam also fills in the voids underneath the concrete, which improves the stability of the soil and its ability to support the concrete.

Cracked pool deck before repaired
Pool deck repaired by Vest Foundation Solutions

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Your home is one of your greatest investments, and a safe swimming pool is a wonderful addition, not only in terms of fun and comfort, but also in the resale value. Don’t let the best parts of your home be a cause for concern. Our experts for concrete slab and pool deck repair in Dallas can level your concrete and eliminate tripping hazards. Reach out to Vesta today to schedule your free inspection!