Sidewalk Repair Contractors in Dallas

Cracked or uneven concrete walkways are an inevitable problem that all homeowners must face at some point. If ignored for too long, they become both an eyesore and a risky tripping hazard. Completely replacing concrete is a costly and usually unnecessary option. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we have a much more affordable solution to restore your concrete.

Why your sidewalk is uneven or cracked.

The number one cause of sinking or broken concrete walkways in Texas is problematic soil. During dry seasons, lack of water leads to soil shrinkage which creates voids. These empty pockets can no longer support the weight of the walkway and eventually sinks and cracks.

When the rainy season returns, shrunken soil can’t absorb the water fast enough. This can cause pooling water and erosion underneath concrete slabs, ultimately leading to even more voids in the soil. In either case, concrete settles unevenly and starts to crack.

Level showing severity of uneven concrete
Sidewalk after concrete repair example image

How we restore concrete surfaces with PolyLevel.

The team at Vesta believes in finding solutions that make sense – that means affordable, effective, and minimally invasive to your home and landscaping. In most cases, we find that concrete replacement is not needed. While mudjacking is traditionally the next repair option, our solution is more effective and longer lasting.

We use a better method called PolyLevel. This formula is made from a structural grade expanding polymer that’s lighter weight and stands up against extreme weather elements. The repair process with PolyLevel is as simple as injecting the polymer formula under uneven slabs to fill soil voids and lift concrete back to its original position.

Get a free concrete sidewalk repair estimate.

Skip the expensive and lengthy concrete replacement project. Reach out to our team to see if PolyLevel injections are right for your walkways and other concrete surfaces. We offer free estimates to homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding areas, so we can help you find the best solution. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.