Concrete Sealant in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Area

Concrete may seem virtually indestructible. But the elements and the passing of time will inevitably cause it to crack, discolor, and flake. And even newer homes with freshly poured concrete are susceptible to damage. So it’s crucial to find ways to take care of your concrete before these problems arise.

How Concrete Gets Damaged

Though smooth on the surface, concrete has tiny pores that moisture or dirt can sneak into, weakening the concrete. Moisture can be particularly damaging during freeze-thaw cycles, as the water in the pores will expand, potentially causing cracks. 

And even the most carefully laid concrete can’t be fully protected from the sun’s UV rays, leading to discoloration over time.

Shield Your Concrete with SealantPro

Opting for a DIY concrete sealant could be attractive for homeowners trying to save some money. But because these sealants aren’t as effective as professional, permanent solutions, you’ll purchase these products repeatedly. 

SealantPro is an investment in your concrete’s longevity that’s much more powerful than any concrete sealant you could find in a store.

Vesta Foundation technician spraying concrete sealant

How SealantPro Works

Some of the incredible features of SealantPro include:

  • Extends the life of the concrete by up to five times
  • Protects against UV rays and water damage
  • Makes stains easy to remove
  • Reduces ice bonding, making ice removal a cinch
  • Works well with newly poured concrete
  • Gives your concrete protection for a lifetime with only one application 

SealantPro is miles beyond other concrete sealants in strength and cost-effectiveness. And since you only need one application, you’ll never have to worry about concrete damage again.

Free Estimates for Your SealantPro Application

Are you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in need of concrete sealant? Vesta Foundation Solutions can set you up with a SealantPro application appointment today. Contact us for your free inspection!