Concrete cracks come in all sizes and can occur for varying reasons. Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas is home to the experts in concrete repairs.

We perform professional inspections and concrete repairs in Dallas, fixing basement cracks or garage slabs, driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, and just about every other concrete repair you need. No concrete repair is too big or too small — we do it all.

Types of Concrete Cracks

Different concrete cracks indicate different problems, and each type of crack can be considered to be a signature. Some cracks are more serious than others and need to be investigated.

1. Settlement Cracks

These cracks occur when a house is settling onto its foundation. Small settlement cracks usually appear where the wall meets the ceiling. They are not uncommon but should be repaired.

Settlement cracks are a problem when they are large as they can indicate structural problems.

2. Shrinkage Cracks

These cracks are caused by too much water being added to the concrete when it was being mixed, rapid curing, or a change in the moisture of the concrete. They are diagonal or vertical and have a consistent width the entire length of the crack.

Concrete shrinkage causes the concrete to develop internal stresses, so at the first sign of these cracks, call Vesta Foundation Solutions for expert concrete repair in Dallas.

3. Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks in the center of the wall are serious and need to be inspected immediately. They are caused by excessive pressure outside from water or soil movement. The cracks reveal that your foundation's integrity is compromised, and this can cause extensive damage to your home.

4. Expansion Concrete Cracks

Concrete expands when it is heated, and it pushes up against anything around it. As concrete cannot bend or flex, it cracks, forming a significant safety hazard. Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas provides expert concrete repair in the Dallas area.

Turn to the Pros at Vesta Foundation Solutions

There are many types of concrete cracks and causes. Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas is Dallas-Fort Worth’s concrete crack repair specialist. If you have a crack, we will repair it using the latest technology and techniques to lift, level, seal, and protect your concrete. Contact us and our Dallas team will inspect cracks in basements, driveways, pools, and more concrete surfaces .