Basement Crack Repair for Floors and Walls in Dallas

Basement Crack Sealer & Repair for Flooding, Leaking Basements

A small leak through your basement walls and floors can soon turn into a serious flooding issue. Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas gets to the root of basement leaks with a variety of basement crack repair products and techniques.

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Source of Basement Cracks and Leaks

Poor drainage forces fluid to build up in the soil against your home’s foundation. Water build up in your soil, along your foundation, puts thousands of pounds of pressure against the walls where they eventually buckle and crack. If that water pressure continues to build after a crack is formed, water will seep into your home and flood your basement.

How to Repair Basement Cracks

  • Basement floor cracks: If you’re worried about water coming through a crack in your basement, you can install a perimeter drainage system. This system attracts water that builds in the soil from rain, rising groundwater, and snow. For the water that has leaked into your home, we can install a direct drainage channel that will direct water into the drain and your sump pump. Then, to prevent future leaks, we can backfill all your cracks with a stone basement crack sealer and then cover it with fresh concrete.
  • Basement and foundation wall cracks: A lot of water can build up in your soil. Then, as soon as you get a crack in your home’s foundation, that water can just leak through and seep into your basement. First line of defense is installing one of our drainage systems so water doesn’t continue to leak and worsen the crack. Next, we use a polyurethane basement crack sealant called FlexiSpan to seal the crack. Unlike concrete, this material will flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall to ensure a durable, waterproof seal.
  • Leaky windows: As your window frames age, their seal weakens, allowing water to seep in between the window frame and wall. To fix this, we install a drainage system that will run to your sump pump. We will then attach a plastic fitting under your window to direct any water into that drainage system. We finish it with a polymer injection for a nice, waterproof seal.
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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Crack in a Basement?

It is best to consult Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas directly for your cost estimation. Even with our tried-and-true repair process, we know that every home is unique. You can set up a free inspection today to go over questions and concerns you have with your home’s foundation.

Get Basement Crack Repair Today!

If there is a crack in your home, trust that water will find it and work its way inside. Whether it’s in your walls, floors, pipes, or window frames, water can seep into these openings and flood the inside of your home. Our leaky window and floor crack products and solutions will protect the perimeter inside and outside your walls to redirect any water away from your foundation.

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