Foamax Wall Panels: Foamax Insulation & Finishing Panels for Basement Walls Near Dallas

Superior Foam Insulation Solution for a Dry Basement

Optimize the comfort in your basement while saving on energy bills by insulating your basement walls with Foamax. Foamax is an advanced foam insulation panel that minimizes condensation to mitigate moisture buildup. 

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Thermax Sample Product

Foamax Basement Wall Panels Advantages

Foamax is a polyisocyanurate foam insulation panel with a white foil finish on the front and foil vapor barrier on the back. This product comes with many benefits and features that improve the quality of life in the home.

  • Great investment that will pay for itself over time.
  • Keeps warmth inside your basement.
  • Brightens up the basement space.
  • Safe to leave exposed so it doesn’t require finishing.
  • High insulation value.
  • With your WaterGuard drainage system, wall leaks will drain into a perimeter drainage system.

Have hopes of turning your basement into a finished space? Foamax, with one of our durable finished basement wall solutions, will give you the tool you need to create a more livable space.

Why Insulate Your Basement Walls?

Before you can think about finishing or remodeling your basement, you have to consider the humidity and moisture levels down there. If you finish your basement without the build-up of moisture, you will eventually run into mold and mildew problems, expensive rot, and structural damage.

Whether you’re remodeling your basement or not, every homeowner should know if moisture is affecting their basement before it becomes a costly problem.

How to Resolve Basement Condensation with Insulation

When warm, moist air comes in contact with a cool wall surface, water droplets form on the walls. Water damage starts when those droplets are left to seep into your wall surface or build up in cracks along your wall.

Warm moist air can seep into the basement from high-humidity sources like a shower, clothes dryer, and kitchen.

While water can collect via condensation, there are other ways for water to end up in your basement. Water can leak through cracks in your foundation, seep through your concrete foundation, and drip from a leaking pipe.

To fight against these factors, insulating your basement walls prevents the moist air from clinging to your cool walls and prevents condensation from forming. And while insulation keeps the condensation off in the summer, it also keeps the heat from seeping outside in the winter.

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