Sump Pump Backups: Battery Backup Sump Pumps Near Dallas

Backup Sump Systems for Your Dry Basement

It’s always nice to have a backup. That’s true for most utility items in your home, but especially for your sump pump. Your sump pump is a complex machine that can wear out or malfunction over the years.

One way to ensure your house is still covered in case your sump pump fails is to have a battery backup sump pump on deck in an emergency.

PitBoss Battery Backup

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

Like most machines, sump pumps can be susceptible to basic malfunctioning and power failure, especially if plugged into a GFI outlet. Even something as small as unplugging the pump from the outlet and forgetting to plug it back in can lead to system failure and water damage.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we recommend the PitBoss Battery Backup System. It works with your sump pump system for lasting reliability and efficiency.

PitBoss Battery Back-Up Systems

The PitBoss Battery Back-Up System can pump over 13,000 gallons of water on a fully charged battery. Think of the amount of water it would take to fill a small swimming pool!

It’ll update you with power changes by sounding an alarm when running successfully and will be silent when the pump cycle is off.

PitBoss Battery Backup specifications

  • Long-lasting protection: The PitBoss has a longer lifespan than generic backup pumps and can pump more water from a single fully charged battery.
  • Advanced alarm system: When the PitBoss pump cycle is turned on, an alarm sounds off to alert you that the first pump has failed.
  • Additional battery life: Need a backup for the backup? An additional battery can be attached to the PitBoss system, so you get double the pumping time.

Backup sump pump systems

If you have a primary sump pump and a battery backup sump pump, your basement is already well on its way to being protected.

However, if your primary sump pump fails due to mechanical failure, your basement waterproofing is only good as long as your battery backup can last. And if your sump pump is being overwhelmed due to an unusually high volume of water, it's best to have a secondary sump pump that can kick in and help keep the water down.

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