If unwanted water has been entering your basement you are probably looking for a solution. There are a few different ways that you can address the problem. You could install a new footing drain outside of your home and waterproof the walls, but you would just be replacing the same system that failed in the first place. You will make a mess of your yard by digging trenches and you will have to move any porches, sidewalks, AC units, etc. Our engineers have come up with a solution to all of these outdoor drainage problems, which is to move the system inside.

So if an outside system was not the answer then an Indoor system is. You can install an indoor drainage system along the base of your walls to ensure that your basement stays dry. This system will capture the water that enters through the floor and wall joint. This is one of the most common places of entrance for the water. There are many advantages to an interior drainage system. The system can be installed without making a mess of your yard and the installation is typically a short process that only takes a few days.

WaterGuard is a very efficient system that has been engineered to last long. The most important part of water guard is that it sits on the footing and not alongside it. The reason this is so important is because when the system is up on top of the footing it is out of the mud, keeping the system out of the mud will help keep the water guard from clogging. In the account of an unusual situation the installer can make modifications to the system to best fit your home's situation.

WaterGuard is one piece of the waterproofing system. When installed alongside a Triplesafe sump pump your basement is going to stay dry. Once the system is installed you will hardly see or notice it. Call today to see if WaterGuard is an option for your home. (214) 427-1220

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