Vesta Foundation Solutions - Springdale - Basement Waterproofing Methods

Damage from water is the number-one homeowner insurance claim in the country. It’s a given that water will eventually create a need for extensive concrete foundation and basement wall repair. And that water can come from anywhere—a broken pipe in your plumbing system or the water in the soil surrounding the foundation that keeps your house upright. The professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions in Springdale have a range of basement waterproofing methods to protect your home. The two primary means to protect your home are interior and exterior waterproofing.

Interior Waterproofing

There is no one-system-works-for-all type of foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions in Springdale.  What works to dry out your home and keep it that way may not solve water problems for your neighbor who lives downgrade from you or even the neighbor up the hill. Typically, all waterproofing methods will use the application of a sealant. Coating your basement walls with acrylic paint is the least expensive method to waterproof your basement walls. Still, it is not as effective as the application of heavier-duty rubber and epoxy sealers. The most effective method to waterproof your Springdale basement is to cover your basement walls and concrete foundation with a synthetic membrane, which is not a DIY job because of the labor needed to apply the adhesives and affix the coating to the wall. Ideally, you will choose the solution that best fits your budget, but we offer financing to help you with the cost of a more expensive solution that offers better and longer-lasting protection for your home.

Waterproofed walls

Exterior Waterproofing

A few thousand dollars of prevention is worth $10k in a future cure. You get what you pay for, and the most effective method to waterproof your Springdale basement is to come at it from the outside. This method requires excavation, which raises the expense. Suppose your home is near a watershed or built on the ground with a high-water table. In that case, it may mean digging deep into the foot of your foundation and coating it with an industrial sealer. Covering all that with a waterproof membrane is the solution that will most effectively keep water from damaging your home. Adding to the protection by ensuring your rain gutters and downspouts are unclogged. Unclogged gutters and downspouts can divert water away from your foundation. 

Adding a French drain system and a sump pump is fundamental to any waterproofing solution. It will improve the chances that the exterior basement waterproofing method on your Springdale home will last for decades.

Waterproofing With Vesta Foundation Solutions

When you want the best basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Springdale, AR, you won’t find a more professional and conscientious company than Vesta Foundation Solutions. We offer free inspections and guarantee to provide fair and honest pricing with no danger of hidden or unexpected costs down the line. And we'll never recommend work you don’t need or a solution you can’t afford. Contact our foundation repair company in Springdale today. Let us keep your home above the waterline.