Waterproofing in Fayetteville, AR


Our team in northwest Arkansas had help this homeowner in Fayetteville, AR by installing a sump pump and other waterproofing material in their basement to help prevent water from entering their garage.

Basement Sump Pump


Our team installed this sump pump in an Oklahoma City basement to help reduce moisture.

Sagging Floor Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

BEFORESagging Floor Repair in Oklahoma City, OK - Before Photo
AFTERSagging Floor Repair in Oklahoma City, OK - After Photo

These Oklahoma City homeowners were having issues with their floors sagging, squeaking, and just generally being unlevel. They had an old and outdated system supporting their home in the crawl space. The system was made up of cement blocks and concrete piers. This system is not very effective and deteriorates quickly. After finally being fed up with the issues they gave Team Vesta a call. 

Vesta Foundation Solutions went to to the home and did a free, no obligation inspection. After the inspection was complete, the home owners were ready to get there home in to tip top shape again.

Team Vesta determined in order to fix all the sagging, squeaking, and unlevel floors, they would need to install our Smart Jack System. The Smart Jack system fits in tight places and can be adjusted to level the floor. The homeowners were happy and they're home was better secured thanks to Team Vesta!