The crawl space in Midwest City was causing the hardwood floors in the home to be unlevel, bouncy, and squeaky. Also, the doors in the home were not shutting properly and there was some cracking in the sheetrock above them. The wood support beams in the crawl space couldn't bear the load of the home. After searching the web, Vesta Foundation Solutions popped up first for foundation repair. They were impressed by all of our positive reviews and decided to give Team Vesta a call.



Our inspector went out to see exactly what we were dealing with. After a free, no obligation inspection, the homeowners were ready to move forward. We ensured them that the products we were going to use would eliminate their issues.

We installed a supplemental beam. This provided structural support to load bearing walls. This provided us a place to attach the SmartJacks, for maximum support.

Finally, we installed the SmartJacks. We excavated a space at each SmartJack location. We filled the hole with concrete and then a structure footing is set into place and leveled. The SmartJacks were assembled and tightened into place. Once everything is stabilized, the floors are lifted back to their original position. The homeowner's were excited. Their doors now close properly, the cracks in the sheetrock are non-existent, the floor is back in place and they don't have to hear squeaking with every step they take! Vesta Foundation Solutions is leading in fixing all your foundation issues. Give us a call or even stop by our office!