Comprehensive Concrete Repair in Broken Arrow, OK

Addressing a Dangerous Tripping Hazard

When a homeowner in Broken Arrow, OK, contacted us about a recurring issue that made his daily walk to get the mail a safety concern, we knew we had to help. He frequently tripped over an uneven concrete lip by his front door near the garage, and this issue needed immediate attention to prevent potential accidents.

Upon hearing about his concern, our Customer Care team quickly coordinated a home inspection. Our Sales Team's skilled System Design Specialist visited the homeowner and thoroughly inspected the troublesome area. The diagnosis? The concrete pad had sunk, creating a dangerous lip.

The PolyLevel Solution

Our recommended remedy was the installation of our state-of-the-art PolyLevel solution, which is designed to lift and level concrete slabs with precision and longevity. Our production team, comprising an experienced foreman and proficient installers, undertook the task shortly after. They began by drilling small, strategically placed holes in the concrete. Then, they injected the PolyLevel foam beneath the slab. This high-tech foam expanded, raising the concrete back to its original level.

Immediate and Effective Results

The outcome was immediate and transformative. The concrete was stabilized, leveled, and seamless, eliminating the tripping hazard that troubled our homeowner—PolyLevel’s quick curing time allowed the homeowner unrestricted access to his front door and garage without fear of tripping over uneven concrete.

Commitment to Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Again, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to providing reliable solutions and remarkable customer experiences for Broken Arrow. By addressing a crucial safety concern with our efficient and durable solution, we’ve restored peace of mind and safety to another home.

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