Once a homeowner's concrete has been raised/restored to its original position on their driveway, patio, sidewalk, pool deck, etc., they believe their settlement concern is resolved, but it may not be over yet... How?

When concrete begins to settle, one has to think about where the issue originated. There are various reasons why one's concrete decides to settle, but some common examples are water pooling near the front porch or maybe water washing out the soil, creating a void underneath. Either way, you would have to solve the problem at the source, or the problem may keep reoccurring.

The primary source of a homeowner's concrete settlement may be yard drainage, structural failure, or just moisture in the soil from the amount of rain, snow, or ice in their area. Whatever the case may be...our team wants to help you and your family find the best solution for you and your home.

Vesta's Concrete Protection Solution

Our concrete protection system helps provide our homeowners with the best possible solution to help prevent their concrete from further erosion, settlement, and enormous tripping hazards.


What's included in the Concrete Protection System?

1. PolyLevel Injection Foam

We offer our PolyLevel Injection Foam to help restore sunken or uneven concrete to its original position. It is a lightweight material installed through a dime-sized hole within the concrete. It is inserted as a hot liquid and then quickly hardens and expands, filling the voids in the ground. After 15 mins of the curing process, homeowners can use their driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio, etc.

2. NexusPro

Our NexusPro is used to seal all the control joints and cracks in the concrete to help prevent water from entering through cracks and crevices.

Benefits of NexusPro:

    • More flexible than traditional sealants
    • It can be applied in extreme hot or cold climates
    • It doesn't disintegrate in the sunlight like urethane
    • Dries within an hour of application

How is it installed?

NexusPro is installed by sliding the sealant into a concave shape between the joint of two concrete slabs, which allows it to contract and expand 100% without tearing apart.

Why don't you install it flush with the ground? 

We do not install it flush with the ground because it would make the sealant more vulnerable and cause it to lose its flexibility by almost 50%.

NexusPro Installation

Diagram of NexusPro Installation

3. SealantPro

Our SealantPro can permanently strengthen your concrete with a single application. When applied to the concretes' surface, it can help expand its life by 3 to 5 times longer.

Benefits of SealantPro:

    • UV resistance to help protect against discoloration
    • Protection against water damage
    • Reduce ice bonding for easy ice removal
    • Permanent protection in a single application
    • Extends the life of your concrete

Many homeowners rely on the DIY and store-bought solutions you can buy in bulk, but those can be more unreliable at best.


Our Solution

These three products put together are known as a way to help protect your concrete in the best possible way. Our foundation and diagnostic specialists want to help you and your family find a solution to eliminate bumpy driveways, sinking pool decks, and other known tripping hazards for good!

If you are experiencing uneven or sinking concrete, give us a call! We would love to get you scheduled for a FREE inspection and help you and your family find the right solution for you and your home!