Crawl Space Thermal Insulation Contractors Near Dallas

Signs you need to insulate your crawl space

Many homeowners are surprised to learn all the problems that can occur in your home because of poor crawl space insulation. Not only can it affect your energy costs, but it can also lead to serious issues like mold and deteriorating support beams. Keep an eye out for these symptoms:

  • High energy bills
  • Indoor drafts and cold floors
  • Fluctuating indoor temperatures
  • Mold or mildew odors
  • Evidence of wet crawl space insulation
Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Our thermal insulation solution

The first thing our crawl space experts do is perform a free inspection. That way, we can assess the situation and determine if crawl space insulation is the best solution for your home. If so, we’ll recommend our high-grade Star Guard Crawl Space Wall Insulation system. The system is designed with thick Styrofoam wall panels covered in foil facing which reflects heat into the crawl space instead of letting it escape outside. 

Star Guard provides increased protection against drafts coming in and out of your crawl space. When necessary, we can customize Star Guard to fit as wall panels and around the perimeter of your crawl space floor. This ensures a tight seal for better air quality and temperature control.  

Star Guard Specifications

  • Thick Material — 2"-thick insulation with a radiant barrier to both insulate and reflect heat back into the crawl space.
  • Extra Insulation — Star Guard has an R-10 value insulation to keep more heat in the crawl space and home.

Schedule a free crawl space inspection

Noticing signs of poor crawl space insulation in your home? Reach out to schedule your free crawl space inspection in Dallas. One of our experts will ask about the symptoms you’re experiencing and set up a time to take a look.