Vent Covers

The air in your crawl space can affect the conditions in your home more than you think. Humidity or cold can seep into crawl spaces and impact the air quality there and in other parts of your home.

The knowledgeable professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas recommend sealing your crawl space vents with vent covers. These useful devices are a great way to ensure that problems like excess moisture and pests won't find a path from the outside to your main living spaces.

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Crawl Space Vent Covers

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Installing Vent Covers

Crawl spaces can be entry points for cold drafts and other costly environmental troublemakers.

Professionally installed vent covers can take some strain off your hard-working appliances, like your furnace or water heater. These appliances must work twice as hard to compensate for climate shifts originating in your crawl space. The result is increased wear and tear on your systems and higher overall energy costs.

Humidity is another problem that can come in through vents. Mold loves moisture, and too much wetness could lead to significant mold problems that can affect your health and be expensive to remove.

Without covers, outside air and moisture can travel directly into your home, making your home life much more uncomfortable. Our team can help by installing a comprehensive vent cover system.

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