Prevent Water Damage with a Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Dallas Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Crawl spaces are prone to water issues, given their location and structure. By installing a moisture barrier in your crawl space in Dallas, you can completely protect your crawl space from water damage and prevent problems like wood rot, pest infestation, and mold growth. 

At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Dallas, our vapor barrier installs can start protecting your crawl space immediately by installing it in less than a day. For extra protection, it also includes an UltraFresh antimicrobial extract to prevent mold from growing. 

Contact us today to get your free inspection in Dallas for your crawl space moisture barrier. We proudly serve the greater Dallas area and all nearby areas. 

How a Moisture Barrier Protects Your Crawl Space

Our moisture barrier is made of a 20-mil thick, durable liner that completely covers your crawl space walls and floor. It is specially designed to block out all moisture before it ever has a chance to enter your crawl space. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about any mold growth, pest infestation, or wood rot that can lead to structural damage. Our vapor barrier installation in Dallas will also protects against any harmful gasses or musty odors that can enter your crawl space and infiltrate the rest of your home. 

Benefits of Sealing Your Crawl Space:

  • Prevents rot & structural damage
  • Reduces energy costs & controls temperature
  • Prevents pest infestation 
  • Mitigates radon & odors 
  • Extra storage space

Before and After Installing Moisture Barrier

  • Moisture that enters the crawl space through vents and soil can ruin insulation and also encourage mold growth and wood rot.
  • Covering the crawl space floor and walls with a heavy-duty moisture barrier eliminates moisture problems, makes the living space more comfortable and cuts heating and cooling costs.

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