PolyLevel Concrete Repair in Dallas

The concrete areas around your home could sink and become uneven over time. Areas like sidewalks, pool decks, or driveways that have uneven concrete can become a tripping hazard. Uneven concrete also gives the home an unkempt look that can affect its curb appeal and even its real estate value. 

If you’re a homeowner in need of Polylevel concrete repair in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Vesta Foundation Solutions can help with our PolyLevel leveling system. 

A PolyLevel system installation will permanently lift your concrete back up to its original position while waterproofing the concrete in your Dallas home to help it resist weather and environmental effects.

How PolyLevel Works

PolyLevel is a liquid foam made from polyurethane injected into the soil beneath your concrete slabs. The lightweight foam expands within any holes in the soil and then hardens to lift the sunken concrete. 

The injection is done through a hole the size of a dime, so it’s a much less intrusive solution that can permanently stabilize and strengthen the loose soil while simultaneously helping prevent sinkholes.

Why Choose PolyLevel?

If you’re a homeowner looking for a permanent, fast, and effective solution to sunken concrete slabs, there’s nothing better than PolyLevel. It’s much less involved than traditional mudjacking, and mudjacking is only temporary, whereas PolyLevel will hold your concrete fast forever. 

The unique formula used by our technicians cures quickly, creating an even surface that can be used around 15 minutes after the installation.

POLY Level is injected to fill voids and seal the under side of the slab.  This prevents the driveway from shifting during heavy rains or draughts. 

Professional PolyLevel Concrete Repair in Dallas

Homeowners dealing with foundation slabs, driveways, sidewalks, or porches with uneven or cracked concrete can call the team at Vesta Foundation Solutions for help. We’ll develop a plan that’s right for you and help get your concrete back to normal again. Contact our concrete repair contractors at Dallas for your free inspection.