PolyLevel Concrete Repair

Uneven Concrete Lifting in Dallas

Concrete slabs like driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks that sink and become uneven are both an eyesore and cause safety concerns. It creates a dangerous tripping hazard for your family and people passing by on your sidewalk. Sunken concrete can lower your home’s curb appeal, in turn decreasing its real estate value.

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Our Number One Solution for Uneven Concrete

If you have slabs that have sunken below the ones around it, you have uneven concrete. This is the most hazardous problem to address with concrete repair. To fix this, we use our PolyLevel leveling system. This fast and easy installation permanently lifts concrete back to its original position and is entirely waterproof, resisting daily wear and tear.

How Does PolyLevel® Work?

PolyLevel is a polyurethane foam injected into the soil underneath the sunken concrete slab through a dime-sized hole. The liquid foam instantly fills all voids in the ground, expands, and hardens to lift the sunken slab back into place. It quickly cures to create a safe, even surface that can be used within 15 minutes after installation. Better than traditional mudjacking, our unique formula strengthens and stabilizes loose soil while preventing sinkholes. Because it’s so much more lightweight, it’s a permanent solution versus the traditional temporary method.

POLY Level is injected to fill voids and seal the under side of the slab.  This prevents the driveway from shifting during heavy rains or draughts. 

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