Basement Foundation & Wall Repair in Dallas

As a homeowner, you may notice problems in your basement like buckling or bowing walls or wall cracks in your Dallas home’s foundation. When this takes place, it indicates the foundation walls have been compromised and are prone to cause structural damage to your home. 

Bowing walls are typically one of the most obvious signs that your foundation is beginning to fail. If you have this issue in your Dallas home, our foundation and wall repair experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help you determine the right solution to repair your walls and restore stability to your foundation.

Symptoms of Bowing Walls

Basement walls that appear to be leaning inward indicate a serious foundation problem. The soil around your home that becomes overly saturated with water can become susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. When this happens, foundation walls buckle under the force and create other forms of damage in your home. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s imperative that you get a professional diagnosis for foundation and wall repair in Dallas as soon as possible: 

  • “Stair-step” foundation wall cracks
  • Diagonal foundation wall cracks 
  • Walls leaning in at the top or bottom
  • Walls bulging inward
Bowing basement wall

Our Wall Repair Solutions

All our foundation wall repair systems work to permanently stabilize and straighten your foundation walls when they buckle or bow under outside pressure. To determine which solution is right for your home’s unique foundation problems, our repair experts need to diagnose the cause. The wall repair systems Vesta Foundation Solutions installs include: 

  • Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System
  • PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System
  • CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System
  • Schedule a Free Foundation Inspection

You don't have to live with a settling foundation and all the issues they cause. Vesta Foundation Solutions can provide quality foundation repair services in Dallas that restore the integrity of your home and keep your family safe. Contact us today to request a free foundation repair inspection.

Bowing Walls Power Brace