Foundation Repair Solutions Near Dallas

Because homes in Texas don’t typically have basements, the two most common types of foundations in the Dallas area are concrete slab and pier and beam. Unfortunately, these are highly susceptible to structural failure because of their dependence on soil stability. This makes Texas one of the top states for foundation problems.

What Causes Foundation Failure in Texas?

The soil in Texas, while great for agriculture, is not ideal for construction. Many areas around Dallas have extremely high clay content that shrinks and expands during dry and wet seasons. In times of drought conditions, soil shrinks, causing homes to shift and settle. Then, when rains come, the clay expands quickly causing issues like slab heave. This causes severe damage to a foundation over time, eventually leading to expensive and lengthy home repairs due to symptoms like sticking doors, drywall cracks, and more.

Foundation Settle Push Pier product in use.
Helical Piers

Foundation Pier Installation

If your home is experiencing foundation damage, foundation piers are a great solution to restore your home’s structure for safety and stability. Foundation damage will only get worse over time as it continues to settle into the ground, so it’s essential to have a proper solution in place to prevent further settling.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are drilled deep down into load-bearing soils to support your foundation's weight and provide permanent stability. Once they are drilled down, they are connected to footings for extra support, and then they are connected to your foundation with steel brackets to hold it into place.

Push Piers

Push piers consist of heavy-duty, galvanized steel to support the weight of your home and resist corrosion. These foundation repair systems reach the greatest depth compared to other piers and are ideal for homes that have more weight.

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