Foundation Piers & Jacks For Structural Repair Near Dallas

Repair your sagging crawl space & restore the structure without rebuilding!

Have you noticed a musty, moldy smell rising through the vents of your home? Do the boards of the main floor sag and creak as you walk down the hallway and into a room? If so, there’s a decent chance the crawl space beneath your home has developed damage that may need foundation piers or jacks. We offer Dallas crawl space structural repair services that are second to none!

At Vesta Foundation Solutions in Dallas, we are the crawl space structural repair experts you want on your side when it comes to solving your structural problems with foundation piers and jacks here in Dallas. Our crawl space structural repair team can shore up your foundation to keep your home stable and safe.

Crawl spaces beneath any house will collect standing water, especially when the home is older or was built upon loose soil. Over time, that water seeps into or is soaked up by floor joists, support beams and posts, masonry, and even concrete walls. If you have damage to your home we can fix them with foundation piers and jacks here in Dallas. So get your crawl space structure repaired today by the experts at Vesta!

Severe crawl space or foundation damage is costly and requires a lot of heavy-duty work and machinery. Thankfully, for most crawl space repair jobs we can use a SmartJack® stabilizing system to restore the space’s support function.

Clean Space

Crawl Space Support System

We install support piers made from galvanized steel that is rust- and corrosion-resistant, meaning the water beneath your home won’t damage the new support system. It also means your home will remain stable for years to come. This is why crawl space structural repair is important here in Dallas. Whether you need help with foundation piers and jacks, call us now to get to get it taken care of!

Structural integrity is the most important part of your house. If you suspect crawl space problems like the ones mentioned above, or if windows begin to stick and cracks appear in your sheetrock, get a hold of Vesta Foundation Solutions right away. We’ll send out our experts for a free inspection and assessment of your crawl space. If there is damage, we’ll provide you with a free cost estimate, along with our recommendation for the repair that best resolves your specific issues.

Act Now Before It's Too Late!

Don’t wait to take care of your crawl space. The value of your home and even the safety of those inside of it may depend on the condition of that damp area below the floor. Call us today and let’s get that dark, hidden space back into shape. Our team who handles the crawl space structural repair services is the best in Dallas. Fixing your foundation with piers and jacks is what we do best. So, don’t wait and call us today!

Crawl Space SmartJacks System

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Worried about the structural integrity of your crawl space? Look no further than the crawl space structural repair professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions. We offer free inspections in Dallas, Fort Worth, and many nearby areas in Texas — schedule yours today!