Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable products humans have made. It has amazing heat-proof properties and is perfect for construction, but even something with the strength and resilience of concrete can fail.

All concrete can crack, pit, flake, shift, or stain, and while it is an eyesore, the greater concern is that it creates a safety hazard. However, concrete can be repaired, and the experienced professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions will repair your concrete problems to as-new condition.

What Causes Concrete to Fail?

There are a number of reasons concrete can fail and need repairs:

  • Corrosion of metals that are embedded in the concrete
  • Freezing of freshly laid concrete
  • Chemicals or acids
  • The freeze-thaw cycle of water
  • Trapped air
  • Overloaded concrete
  • Soil issues under the concrete
  • Poorly mixed concrete
  • Moisture

The importance of having concrete laid by professionals cannot be overstated, but even well-laid concrete can be affected.

Example of sunken concrete on a sidewalk

Types of Concrete Damage

Here are some of the most common types of concrete damage we encounter:

1. Flaking

Concrete flaking is caused by the freeze-thaw effect. Water seeps through the concrete and then freezes, which causes it to expand. The water can expand up to 10%, putting pressure on the weaker top surface of the concrete, which then peels off.

2. Cracking

Concrete can crack for a number of reasons:

  • When it dries too fast
  • If it's poured in winter and freezes
  • When there's too much water in the concrete mix
  • After the movement of soil that lies beneath the concrete

Vesta Foundation Solutions are the experts in repairing all types of concrete cracks.

3. Pitting

Pitting is caused by air becoming trapped in the concrete during the process of mixing and pouring. It causes blisters or bubbles to form on the surface.

Cracked wet concrete

Call the Experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions

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