Dallas Driveway Repair Contractors

Your driveway is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. Cracks, uneven slabs, and flaking not only decrease your home’s value, but they can also make you liable for tripping hazards. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we have concrete repair options for every driveway problem. We’ll help you avoid costly concrete replacement by finding an effective alternative solution.

Problems We Can Fix

Most driveways we inspect can be easily corrected with our PolyLevel® and SealantPro™ concrete repair solutions. Each one works to fix different issues that frequently happen together. Because most driveways experience sinking, cracking, and surface wear due to natural weather elements, we typically recommend a combination of leveling and sealing to both fix your concrete and protect it from future damage.

Uneven Concrete Slabs

When individual concrete slabs start to look uneven, it’s because the soil beneath is no longer able to support them. This can happen for a few reasons. Sometimes, new construction causes soil backfills to become less compact, making them more prone to voids and settling. Heavy rains after the dry season can also cause soil expansion and shrinkage cycles.

Cracks and Surface Damage

Concrete is incredibly porous. This means that water and moisture penetrate the surface of it easily, causing damages during extreme weather changes like droughts and flash floods. UV rays also affect your concrete’s surface, yellowing slabs over time if they aren’t protected with sealant. Cracks happen when your concrete starts to settle and become uneven. One side of the slab becomes higher than the other, creating stress points that break.

Our Best Solutions for Driveway Repair

Our concrete repair experts at Vesta can level and seal your concrete in as little as one day. We use our PolyLevel® and SealantPro™ concrete repair systems for easy, permanent solutions to any of the concrete problems that natural elements or heavy traffic can create. Depending on the symptoms you're experiencing, we may use one or a combination of our repair methods. We’ll provide a free repair consultation to determine the best solution for your driveway.

Driveway repair before concrete repair
Driveway repair after example image

Schedule a Free Repair Consultation

We believe that home and business owners should always be educated and informed before they make an investment decision. That’s why our team at Vesta Foundation Solutions offers free concrete inspections to residents in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today to schedule yours!