Sump Pump Installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Area

Have you been looking for a sump pump expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? The technicians at Vesta Foundation Solutions are ready to help you today! We offer free inspections for your home and quotes on any of our incredible stainless-steel sump pump systems.

A triple Safe Sump system protects the customer from any point of failure that can occur. It even protects them during power outages.

Protect Your Home

To invest in a sump pump, you don’t need to have water or water damage in your home. Our high-quality equipment can prevent extensive damage to your property. Our sump pump systems have alarms that will go off if water reaches a certain threshold. And some models even have a backup battery system in case of power outages or severe weather.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

If you’ve experienced water problems in your home, we can install our Three Pump EverDry Sump Pump System. 

It features a primary pump that focuses on extracting average amounts of water, while the second pump will spring into action when it notices higher amounts of water. The system includes one of our PitBoss Battery Backup Systems for added protection. 

If you’re looking for a more economical solution or don’t require a more comprehensive system, we’d recommend our PitBoss Starter Kit Sump Pump System. The starter kit can pump over 3,700 gallons of water every hour and can be installed with a backup battery for even more peace of mind. 

Even in a more budget-friendly model, our systems are still fantastic at keeping your basement dry throughout even the heaviest rains. 

Free Estimates for Your Sump Pump Installation

With various features like airtight lids, alarms, and discharge-line protectors, we believe we have the right drain system for your home. Our technicians will provide you with a reliable system that’s expertly installed, so you can say goodbye to worrying about water damage! Contact us for your free inspection.