Water Heater Flood Protection

The Dangers of Water Damage in Dallas Homes

Water damage is the third most common homeowners’ insurance claim, and outside of fire, water does more damage and proliferates further damage—mold and mildew growth and rot—more than other reasons for an insurance claim. Plumbing issues are usually the prime movers for water damage in your Dallas home, and the water heater is one of the biggest components of the plumbing system. When the water heater fails, things can go from bad to worse rather quickly. Unfortunately, you’ll never know the water heater is about to fail until it begins to leak, and depending on the location of the water heater, you might not notice the water until it has caused water damage to your Dallas home’s basement.

Example of flood ring product around water heater

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Protection Against Water Heater Failure

Our professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions rely on the FloodRing® for water heater flood protection to avoid water damage in your Dallas home. The system is a PVC ring (4 inches high) that we epoxy to the floor to encircle the base of the water heater. The ring acts like a circular dam to contain any water leaking from the water heater. We can include the WaterWatch® alarm as an early-warning system inside the perimeter of the FloodRing. If your water heater is in the basement, we also recommend the addition of an interior perimeter drainage system to direct an excessive amount of leaking water toward a sump pump or external drainage system.

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When the water heater leaks, your basement can fill with gallons upon gallons of water in a short amount of time, because a failing water heater will not shut itself off. The last thing you want is the addition of an indoor swimming pool beneath the first floor of your home. The FloodRing is an effective solution that we can install during your water heater service in Dallas. It provides early warning of a water heater problem before serious flooding occurs. The system can be installed quickly and provide lasting protection for the life of your water heater. Contact Vesta Foundation Solutions to schedule your free inspection for the installation of the FloodRing for water heater flood protection in your Dallas-area home.