Push Pier Foundation Repair in Dallas

In Texas, there are two types of foundation homes are built on: Pier-and-Beam and Slab-on-Grade. Pier-and-Beam foundations are comprised of footings (piers) driven into the ground and secured by beams. Slab foundations are seen more in newer homes and are built by pouring a thick layer of concrete directly onto the ground and securing it with steel tension rods. The best repair method for either of these foundation types is to use push piers.

Signs of a Failing Foundation

Pier-and-Beam and Slab foundations both have their own pros and cons. Typically it’s easier to see when slab foundations begin to settle and crack. Pier-and-Beam systems have to be accessed through the crawl space, so it’s a little harder to tell when something is wrong. As a general rule of thumb, set up a professional inspection if you experience any of these:

  • Damp crawl space
  • Musty crawl space odors
  • Decaying crawl space beams
  • Sagging floors inside your home
  • Diagonal cracks around doors and windows

How Our Push Piers Work

To fix a failing foundation that has started settling, we must first address the problem soil to help prevent future settling. We can achieve this with the use of push piers. The piers are hydraulically driven deep into load-bearing soils and held in place with brackets. Once everything is in place, your home will be transferred onto the piers for permanent stability.

Push Piers

Schedule a Free Foundation Inspection

If your foundation is showing signs of failure, we can help! Our Dallas foundation repair experts always perform free inspections so we can get to the root of the problem and determine the best repair method for your unique situation. Contact us to schedule your Dallas foundation inspection and see if push piers are right for your home.