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Permanent solutions for your foundation problems

Foundation problems are not always the same. Each home is unique and requires a custom plan and solution for repair. Whatever type of foundation problem your home is experiencing, our experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas have the products and expertise to identify the problem and recommend a proper solution to restore your foundation.  

We understand how overwhelming a foundation problem can be for homeowners to deal with. We are the trusted expert you can turn to for a smooth repair process when you need foundation repair. Our mission is to create a stress-free experience by providing the most affordable options, free inspections, and help with financing.

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Solutions for Foundation Issues

Not all symptoms point to a foundation issue and not every foundation problem can be treated the same. After one of our experts determines the cause of your issue, we can decide on the best products to use to restore stability to your home permanently.

Foundation Piers

Foundation piers are the best solution for a settling foundation. We drive heavy-duty steel pipes deep into the ground until load-bearing soil is reached to support the weight of your home. Your home is then placed onto the piers to restore its stability.

Pier and Beam Support Posts

We use the SmartJack® system at Vesta to support your sagging pier and beam floor and lift the beams back into place. The system includes support posts made of galvanized steel, providing complete durability and resisting corrosion. Once installed, the SmartJack® will permanently halt your sagging pier and beams, and our specialists will adjust the height to try and lift your sagging floors back to their original position. Our crew can change the post heights over time as needed for additional support for the home.

Wall Anchor Systems

We have various wall anchor systems available, depending on the foundation issue your home is experiencing and what our expert determines will work best to fix it. Some systems work to stabilize your foundation walls with anchors, while others use brackets and straps to prevent further movement of your walls.

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If you see signs of foundation damage in your home, don’t wait for it to get worse. Our team at Vesta Foundation Solutions of Texas can help you through the repair process, from diagnosing the correct issue to financing the project.

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