Did you know that pooling water can cause unwanted problems to your home's foundation? When water continuously begins to pool in one place around the property, it can start to damage your home's foundation. Over time water will begin to seep into the walls and foundation of your home. 

There could be several reasons why water begins to pool around your home, such as:


Heavy rain: Heavy rain can play a factor in pooling water as it continues to rain and the water has nowhere else to go. So it gathers up in one area and "pools."


Improper Grading: The flow of water tends to come toward the house instead of away from home. 


Sewerage Drains: The sewer drains around your home may be broken or damaged, leaving water to pool around the house.


Surrounding Area: The area around your home, for example, a creek or lake, may also increase the chance of pooling water to rise.


Pooling water may not cause problems right away, but over time after many rainfalls, the water will begin to take a toll on your home's foundation. 


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