Some homeowners may wonder how their homes may be sinking, while others may not notice. Settlement can occur in various ways. Your home is resting on several layers of soil as each layer has different properties. Moisture can affect different types of soils. Two common types of soil are sand and clay.


Sand: Moisture does not have a significant effect on the sandy soil. When it begins to rain, the water usually passes through the sand very quickly. Sand can maintain a consistent volume whether it is wet or dry.

Clay: When clay gets wet, it tends to hold onto the water as it begins to expand in size. Then, as it dries, it shrinks.


When does the soil begin to dry and sink?

Drought: When the home is experiencing a dry spell, it can extend for days, months, or even years. When clay dries, it shrinks in size, creating space and room for your home to settle.

Softening of the soil:

Heavy rain: When clay experiences heavy rain, it begins to hold water and becomes very soft. The soil becomes soft and weak, causing the home to sink.


Compression of the soil: 

When homes are built, builders tend to develop neighborhoods and housing additions on flat, buildable lots. When the soil that is being filled is not compacted correctly, it will compress from the weight of your home, causing the house to settle.


A solution to foundation settlement: 

Stabilizing your home's foundation is essential. Our team can help provide you and your family with a solution as we are a trustworthy and specialized contractor. We offer a solution that can permanently help your home's foundation, such: Steel Push Piers, Helical Piers, and PolyLevel Injection Foam.

PolyLevel Injection Foam being installed.

Helical Pier

Steel Push Piers being installed. Disclaimer: This pier is not capped this was a image taken before the pier could be capped


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