A major tripping hazard was eliminated when our team lifted and leveled the driveway for this family. Our Concrete Protection System, which includes Sealant Pro, PolyLevel Injection Foam, and NexusPro, helped reduce tripping hazards in this driveway. We offer our homeowners these three services to ensure that they don't experience the same system problems as before.

Sealant Pro: is a highly versatile silicone-based product. The Sealant Pro prevents moisture from entering or absorbing into concrete. The constant entry of water and chemicals into concrete can cause corrosion and decorations.

PolyLevel Injection Foam: is a method to raise and correct uneven concrete slabs. As a result of PolyLevel®, high-density polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete and expands to raise it back to its former height. Compared to other concrete leveling repairs, this type of repair is waterproof and more permanent.

NexusPro: seals all control joints and cracks in concrete, preventing water from entering through cracks and crevices.


We offer FREE inspections to homeowners experiencing similar symptoms around their homes, whether it is a problem in their driveway, sidewalk, patio, or even inside their home.