Foundation concerns are problems that should not ignore. If these concerns are left unchecked, it can lead to significant structural damage and be highly costly. If you know what to look for, you may be able to help prevent a minor foundation problem from progressing into something significant!

1. Sticking windows and doors 

When one's foundation moves even a tiny amount, you may begin noticing your doors and windows are difficult to open. This small amount of shifting in one's foundation can cause the frames around the window and doors to move as well. 

2. Cracks in the floor

You may have a foundation concern if you begin to notice a straight-ish crack that runs wall-to-wall. 

3. Uneven and bowing floors

Areas of the floor have begun to sink, heaved, or at a slope. Also, beware of floors that have separated from the wall. 

4. Diagonal cracks: At the corners of doors and windows

This could be another possible sign of a foundation issue. Diagonal cracks that run along 

5. Cracked and bowed walls 

Cracked and bowed walls can also signify that you may have a foundation concern. If you have wallpaper on your walls and you begin to see a tear, which may be caused by the cracked or bowing wall underneath. You can also start to look for cracks between windows and doors. When your floors are not in sync with one another, it can cause your molding to crack or tear away from the wall or ceiling. 

6. Wall Rotation 

The soil underneath your home's exterior could get saturated with water. The weight of the building pushing down on the foundation causes the outside edge of the foundation to sink further into the soil. Wall rotation can be a severe issue for your foundation. 

7. Stair step cracks (interior and exterior)

When the foundation begins to sink, it can often cause cracks in the bricks. Sometimes these cracks can run through the brick and mortar between them. However, this may only affect the mortar 

8. Wall Separation

When your foundation moves, this may cause gaps to appear between your walls and ceiling. This can even cause separation between your floors and walls as well.  

9. Porches and Chimney separation 

A leaning chimney or detached porch could indicate signs of foundation failure 

10. Water within the basement 

When water begins to enter through the basement walls could be a sign of issues with your foundation. 


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