Professional Basement Waterproofing Arkansas 

Professional Basement Waterproofing Arkansas 

Vesta Foundation Solutions of Arkansas is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems in Greater Fort Smith. There are several issues that can arise from standing water in the basement including mold and mildew growth. These issues can also get worse with time, so it is important to contact us immediately when you notice a problem. Our experienced team of Springdale basement waterproofing professionals will quickly identify how the water entered the basement, diagnose all the damage, and recommend the proper products to fix it. 

Are you worried about water in your basement? Contact us today to learn more about our Springdale basement waterproofing solutions. We proudly offer free basement inspections to the communities of Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and Bentonville.

TripleSafe Sump Pump System fully installed

Vesta’s Basement Waterproofing Process

Our team of Springdale basement waterproofing experts will begin your inspection by identifying the source of the problem. After we have completed our initial evaluation, we will get to work on a plan to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We offer several products and services to resolve basement water issues, and we may recommend one or more of the following solutions based on the needs of your home: 

  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Waterproof wall and floor products

What Causes Wetness in Basements?

The most common cause for standing water in basements is due to hydrostatic pressure. If the soil surrounding the basement walls becomes soaked with water, it will expand and compromise the structure of the basement walls. As the pressure increases, small fissures in the wall can form and water can easily pass through. This is often described as the “clay bowl effect.” If you are looking for Springdale basement crack repair services, you’ve come to the right place.

After being dug out to lay the foundation, the same soil is placed back around the base of the finished concrete. This process inherently weakens the soil and is more susceptible to the pressure of water, resulting in issues with water seeping into the basement.

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