Concrete Services

Cracked or sunken concrete is a problem that many home and business owners face, and even though it may seem impossible to access it, there is no reason an experienced Springdale concrete repair company cannot address these issues. At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Arkansas, our expert Springdale team can assess any issues going on with the concrete at your home or business and make recommendations for repair. Even if concrete is damaged, our team of Springdale concrete repair experts can offer several solutions so that you don’t have to replace it with all new slabs. Ripping out existing concrete is costly and takes time. We can get your concrete back to its former, functional glory with our concrete repair services. 

Concrete Repair

Depending on the severity of your concrete problems, our team can recommend a variety of different repair options. Concrete replacement is a tedious task that can cause damage to your existing landscape and render your space non-usable for some time while the new concrete cures. To ensure there is little to no down-time, Vesta Foundation Solutions of Arkansas uses advanced techniques and the latest technology to get your concrete operational again. Whether you need your concrete sealed or leveled, our dedicated team of Springdale concrete repair professionals will work diligently to ensure it is safe for use. 

Concrete Leveling

Are you looking for a Springdale concrete leveling service contractor? At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Arkansas, we use the innovative PolyLevel® concrete leveling method to fix issues with your home or business’ concrete. Unlike more traditional forms of concrete leveling, such as mudjacking, PolyLevel® is non-invasive and works in as little as 15 minutes to efficiently level sunken concrete. Our team of Springdale concrete leveling experts is well versed in the many uses of PolyLevel®, including leveling concrete on patios, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, and more. 

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