Interior Slab Leveling in Springdale

Finding uneven, sunken, or cracked concrete slabs around your home is an all too common story. When you find uneven interior floor slabs, it can be a disheartening discovery, but the good news is that the solution is quick and easy. With Vesta Foundation Solutions, we can restore your interior slabs to their original position permanently.

To do this, we use PolyLevel, a non-invasive leveling technique that will lift your floor to its original position by injecting polyurethane foam beneath your slabs.

Causes of Uneven Concrete Slabs

Your concrete slabs are at the mercy of the underlying soil. Because your concrete is in direct contact with soil, anything that causes that soil to shift or expand can affect your concrete. Just as well, it is very common for concrete to be poured on weak, wet, unstable, or poorly compacted soil. When this happens, empty spaces or voids can be created between your concrete and the soil, causing your concrete to sink or settle unevenly.

Over time, this can lead to your concrete cracking and breaking, making for serious and unsightly tripping hazards.

The PolyLevel Solution

With PolyLevel, there's no worry whatsoever of needing heavy equipment to rip up your property. If your floor is finished, we only need to remove very small sections to access the damaged slabs. When we have access, we bore small holes the size of a penny into the affected slabs. Afterward, we inject polyurethane foam through these small holes. The foam expands beneath your slabs, reaching a rigidity of 90% in just 30 minutes. We then restore any flooring we removed.

By using this polyurethane concrete raising technique for your Springdale home’s foundation, you can enjoy a long-lasting solution in under a day of work.

Before example showing cracks in slab

Free Estimates on Interior Slab Leveling in Springdale

If you're in Springdale and need interior slab leveling for your uneven floors, all you need to do is contact Vesta Foundation Solutions. Call us or contact us to schedule a free inspection today!