Foundation Problems Caused by Soil in Arkansas

If you are experiencing signs of foundation problems, it’s commonly due to poor soil conditions around and under your home. Things like sticking doors or windows, cracks in your foundation, and uneven floors are all telltale symptoms of structural failure.

The repair experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can find out the root of the problem. Our team has the experience necessary to recognize and diagnose your foundation issues and determine the right solution for your home. Reach out to us today to get a free inspection and quote from one of our professionals.

Types of Foundation Problems to Look For

There are many ways that soil can affect your home’s foundation. Because they display similar symptoms, it’s important to be able to recognize what kind of problems you are experiencing so that you can tell your technician during your free inspection.

Foundation Settlement

Settling is a serious issue that happens when the soil under your foundation can no longer support its weight. Usually, this happens because the dirt was dug up and then loosely replaced during the construction of your home. Over time, voids develop in the soil, causing your home to sink and settle unevenly into the pockets. A settling foundation typically shows itself through cracks in your basement floor and drywall cracks around windows and doors in your home.

Foundation Heave

Heaving refers to the upward movement of your foundation’s concrete slab. This occurs when the soil beneath it becomes oversaturated with water, which then freezes and expands. The expansion causes the floor to move and crack.

Bowing Walls

Basement walls that lean inward and appear to be buckling are experiencing hydrostatic pressure. This phenomenon happens when the soil around your foundation has poor drainage and becomes more and more saturated over time. The water pools in the ground, putting immense pressure on the walls, which then crack and bow.

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If you have signs of foundation failure in your home, the team at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help. Our foundation experts will diagnose the correct soil issue and find a custom solution to bring stability back to your home.