Solutions for a Flooded Basement near Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Bentonville

The cause and effects of basement flooding

If your home has suffered from a flooded basement, you’ve most likely experienced damaged carpet and drywall, in addition to damaged or ruined appliances and personal possessions. Basement flooding can also lead to mold in your home, which is a serious health concern that could harm your health and the health of your loved ones.

Basement flooding can occur when the plumbing in your home fails or when severe weather hits. Water enters through cracks in the walls and floors, leaking or burst pipes, leaking windows or hatchway doors, and failure of your water heater or sump pump. Any of these situations can result in excessive damage to your home, particularly if your home has a finished basement. With the routine severe weather in Arkansas, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to prevent basement flooding in the event of plumbing failure or storms.

Waterproofed walls

Addressing basement stairways and hatchway doors

External basement stairs and hatchways are common places where leaking can occur, as settling and other natural forces create gaps underneath hatchway entrances.

For these spaces, Vesta Foundation Solutions offers the TrenchDrain Hatchway Door System.This system is installed so it is flush with your concrete floor and it spans the staircase to effectively collect water and funnel it directly to your drain and sump pump.

How to prevent flooding when plumbing fails

Vesta Foundation Solutions is a leading basement waterproofing company in Springdale that can put measures in place to prevent plumbing failures. While it’s unrealistic to think all plumbing fixtures will never leak, there certainly are effective solutions that can be put in place to prevent these common plumbing failures. We offer the FloodRing system, which is a water heater protection system that collects water from the water heater and directs it to your drain. And our sump pump alarm system and WaterWatch water heater alarm system will alert you if water is detected.

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