Why Concrete Fails

Uneven, Cracked, and Worn Concrete Slabs

Concrete is tough, but it’s not indestructible. Numerous different natural and manmade elements can affect your concrete’s surface or the soil underneath of the slab. When these elements cause concrete to crack and become uneven, it lowers your home or business’s curb appeal and creates potential tripping hazards. To correct these problems, you first need to understand what is causing them. 

Common Causes of Damaged Concrete

Rain and soil are typically the top causes of damages that happen slowly over time. Old, worn concrete that has been unprotected for years will eventually break down from rain, ice, and improper soil support. However, areas like garages or driveways are prone to other types of damages.

Example of sunken concrete on a sidewalk

Natural Elements

Concrete is incredibly porous. This means that water and moisture penetrate the surface of it easily, causing damages during weather changes like freeze-thaw cycles. UV rays also affect your concrete’s surface, yellowing slabs over time if they aren’t protected with sealant.

Man-Made Damages

If your damaged concrete is in a high-traffic area such as your garage, it’s likely prone to chemical spills, staining, and more weight than other surfaces. Even if your floor is well protected from natural elements, these “man-made” damages can still cause cracking, flaking, and unevenness.  

Our Best Solution for Concrete Failure

Our concrete repair experts at Vesta can level and seal your concrete, protecting it from future damages. We use our PolyLevel® and SealantPro™ concrete repair systems for easy, dependable solutions to any of the concrete problems that natural or man-made elements can create. Depending on the symptoms you're experiencing, we may use one or a combination of our repair methods to permanently restore your concrete.

Cracked wet concrete

Get a Free Concrete Inspection

We believe that home and business owners should always be educated and informed before they make an investment decision. That’s why our team at Vesta Foundation Solutions offers free concrete inspections to residents in Springdale and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today to schedule yours!