Foundation Wall Crack Repair Near Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Bentonville

What Causes Foundation Wall Cracks?

Foundation settlement is just one cause of cracks in your home’s foundation. If the surrounding soil is unable to support the weight of the home, the foundation will settle unevenly, leading to cracks. This is a very serious type of crack that will continue to get worse.

Clay soils have a tendency to expand and contract with moisture, placing pressure on foundation walls and causing the walls to move inward. Leaving this unaddressed can lead to even worse damage and walls that cannot be repaired.

Although small cracks are common during the curing process of concrete, do not assume that any crack you notice is a safe shrinkage crack. Water can usually find its way through any crack, and these types of cracks can widen, leading to major foundation problems.

How to Identify Foundation Crack Problems

How can you identify these problems in your own home? Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wall cracks are one sign; or the foundation walls might appear to be buckling or bulging. Your walls may be pushing in at the top or bottom. These are all signs of serious foundation problems, and you’ll want to have your home inspected right away.

Other Settlement Issues

Even if you don’t notice any cracked walls in your home’s foundation, you may have other settlement issues, like sagging crawl spaces or heaving or sinking slab floors. If a home’s support beams sink into the ground, or if there are too few support posts, a sagging crawl space can result. If you notice cracks in the drywall, we can inspect the flooring in your home to determine whether the floor is sinking due to a sagging crawl space.

Let Vesta Foundation Solutions Repair your Foundation Wall Cracks

We offer a variety of repair solutions for any foundation wall cracks. Our foundation pier systems are a permanent way to stabilize and lift a home’s foundation that’s settling. Using push piers, we can also reach as far down as bedrock or strata to transfer the weight of the home. And our wall anchor systems use counterpressure to stabilize and straighten foundation walls that have shifted due to expansive soils.

If your foundation has any of the above problems, or if you just want an inspection to make sure everything is looking right with your Springdale foundation, contact us. We can provide a free on-site inspection and personal consultation. Shore up your biggest investment—give Vesta Foundation Solutions a call today!