Sticking Window & Door Repair in Arkansas

If your windows or doors are sticking, jamming, or you have locks that don’t work, a foundation issue is likely the culprit. These are two of the most common signs that your foundation is settling, or your crawl space supports or no longer adequate.

While there are other reasons for sticking doors and windows, it’s important to have your home inspected in case there are foundation problems. The experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can evaluate your home’s symptoms and find the best repair solution.

Signs that Your Foundation is the Problem

To know when it’s time to call an expert, you need to look for other common symptoms that indicate the need for foundation repair. If your home is showing signs of these, it’s time to consider calling a professional:

  • Large cracks in drywall
  • Gaps in door and window frames
  • Crawl space supports that are rotted, bent, or cracked

Why Windows & Doors are Affected

The most common cause of jammed windows and doors is a settling foundation. When new structures are built, soil is dug up in order to lay cement slabs down to start constructing a foundation. After replacing the dirt, it becomes much less compacted. This creates loose pockets or complete voids in the soil under your home, which eventually makes it settle.

Crawl spaces with sinking or rotting floor joists can also be the cause of settling. As the crawl space structure sinks, the floor that it supports will sink as well, creating uneven surfaces underfoot. And as the floor sinks, it will pull the interior walls that are attached to it downwards.

Solutions for a Settling Foundation

When dealing with foundation issues, it’s critical to have a professional diagnose and treat the problem correctly. An expert can determine what kind of soil resides around your home and what kind of repair solution you need. These two systems are usually the best fix for settling foundations:

  • Foundation Piers
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks

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If you have noticed symptoms of a failing foundation in your home or business, the team at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help. Reach out to one of our helpful experts today to set up your free inspection and determine the best solution to keep your foundation durable and dependable.

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