Tilting Chimney Repair in Springdale

If you have a chimney that appears to be leaning away and separating from your home, this could be a symptom of foundation failure. Because of the tilting, you may also notice damage to your roof where the flashing meets the chimney and cracks in the chimney itself. Many homeowners attempt to fill in the separation with masonry, foam, or caulking, but this is only a temporary fix that leads to worse problems in the future.

Why Chimneys Tilt

Leaning chimneys happen largely due to foundation problems. However, there are numerous different causes of tilting chimneys. It’s best to have an expert diagnose your home’s symptoms, but there are typically two common culprits: inadequate footing and poor soil conditions.

Inadequate Footing

Sometimes, chimneys can have either inadequate or completely missing footings. This happens when your chimney was designed with improper structural support, causing it to inevitably fail over time.

Poor Soil Conditions

Soils that can no longer support weight always pose a potential settling or sinking hazard. Whether it’s just your chimney or it’s your home’s entire foundation, settling soils or soils with pockets in them will eventually fail to support the structure that sits on them.

Tilted Chimney example

Our Repair Solution for Tilting Chimneys

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our team specializes in all kinds of foundation-related repairs. We strive to always find a permanent solution to your problem, rather than sweeping it under the rug with temporary repairs. 

For tilting chimneys, our experts recommend installing our helical pier system. These foundation piers have helical blades that allow piers to be driven deep into stronger supporting soils. Once installed, the pier could return your chimney back to its original position.

Repaired Tilted Chimney

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Our team at Vesta Foundation Solutions offers free retaining wall inspections to residents in Springdale and the surrounding areas. We always provide a no-cost, thorough diagnosis before we recommend a solution, so you can ensure that you’re getting the right repair for your home. Reach out to us today to schedule your free inspection!