Concrete Leveling & Repair with PolyLevel® Injection Foam Near Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Bentonville

Fast, effective concrete lifting with PolyLevel® injection

The stability of any concrete surface is dependent on the soils beneath it. The weight of concrete and what it supports, combined with natural soil erosion, can lead to sunken and uneven concrete surfaces. This process affects everything from your driveway and sidewalk to roads and airport runways.

Vesta Foundation Solutions of Springdale provides expert concrete leveling, repair, and lifting solutions using the PolyLevel® injection foam system. PolyLevel® is an expanding polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete to fill the gaps caused by soil erosion and raise and stabilize the concrete surface.

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PolyLevel® geotechnical capabilities:

  • Lift settled slabs and slab foundations
  • Lift and level sunken sidewalks
  • Strengthen and stabilize loose soil
  • Fill sinkholes and other voids
  • Lift, level, and stabilize roadways and airport runways
  • Repair and stabilize rail beds weakened by soil washouts
  • Treat soil to improve load-bearing characteristics in preconstruction applications
Vest Foundation technician using PoyLevel Injection to repair concrete.

What is PolyLevel®?

PolyLevel® is a high-density polyurethane foam that is used to lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs. Pea-sized holes are drilled into the concrete to inject a structural-grade polymer beneath the slab. The polyurethane foam then expands to create an accurate lift, restoring your concrete back to level.

Reasons to choose PolyLevel®

  1. Strong but light: PolyLevel® weighs only about 4lbs. per cubic ft., compared to 120lbs. per cubic ft. for standard fill material. PolyLevel®'s lightweight material makes it useful where denser fill material might impose an undesirable load on weak soils. Despite its lightweight, PolyLevel® can support substantial loads; it typically provides greater lifting power than mudjacking.
  2. Waterproof: Once cured, PolyLevel® will not wash away. PolyLevel®'s waterproofing properties can be beneficial in certain applications.
  3. Stable and inert: PolyLevel® does not react with soil or moisture; it will not leach harmful chemicals into the soil.
  4. Quick curing: Downtime is minimized with PolyLevel® concrete repair. Full loading of the foundation, roadway, or other structural elements can usually happen about 15 minutes after the material is injected.
  5. Adjustable: Adjusting the density and expansive force of the 2-part foam affords a wide range of geotechnical uses. Lifting force can be adjusted by fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand. An experienced applicator can factor not only the weight of the structural element but also soil characteristics and temperature and weather conditions. Special formulations are possible for applications where water must be displaced.
  6. Noninvasive: PolyLevel® injection equipment isn't bulky, enabling applicators to access confined areas. When properly injected, PolyLevel® is not as messy or disruptive as other slab and foundation-lifting techniques.

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