Helical Pier Installation in Arkansas 

Many Arkansas homeowners face foundation issues at some point, and it's important to notice the signs early before they cause more damage. Typical signs of foundation problems include interior or exterior wall cracks, uneven floors, and doors and windows that stick. If left ignored, these problems will only get worse and become more expensive to fix. Our helical piers at Vesta Foundation Solutions can solve your foundation problems and restore your home's structural stability. 

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Helical Piers Provide Permanent Stability 

The main issue that causes foundation problems is the soil beneath your home. Moisture can cause the soils to expand and contract, creating voids and making the soil unsupportive to your home's foundation. The benefit of helical piers is that they dig down deep into load-bearing soils to permanently stabilize your home from future settlement. 

Benefits also include:

  • Year-round installation in Arkansas 
  • Corrosion-resistant to not bend or warp
  • Can lift the foundation back to the original position
  • Warrantied solution
Helical Piers

Installation Process:

1. Prep Foundation Footing

Our team will start by excavating around your foundation to prepare the footing and make space for each pier to be drilled into the ground. If the piers are being installed on the interior, we will access the footing through your floor and repair the slab after installation. The helical piers are connected to steel brackets to provide wall support. 

Helical Pier Shafts

2. Install Helical Piers

The helical piers are drilled deep down into the ground until they reach competent soil, then your home is transferred onto the piers for permanent stability. 

Helical Pier Shafts

3. Install Foundation Brackets

After the piers are in place, steel brackets are attached to the footing for extra support.  

Helical Pier Bracket

4. Attempt to Lift Foundation 

With the piers in place, your foundation is stabilized and will no longer settle. Our team will then attempt to lift the foundation back into its original position. 

Helical Pier Bracket

Why Choose Vesta

Our Arkansas customers have trusted Vesta Foundation Solutions with helical pier installations for many years. We gladly offer free inspections and will walk you through the entire process before we begin. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.