Concrete Sealant FAQ

What is concrete sealant?

Concrete sealant is a liquid-based material that protects concrete from surface damage with a topical or penetrating coating. Unprotected concrete will deteriorate over time. Topical sealants create a top layer barrier and are best for interior, smooth surfaces. Penetrating solutions go deep into the surface and are ideal for exterior surfaces.

How does it work?

Water and other kinds of moisture can easily penetrate concrete because it’s very porous. Sealers fill the pores and create a protective barrier to prevent chips, corrosion, and stains.

What is the best kind of sealant for outdoor surfaces?

Penetrative concrete sealing solutions are the best ones to use for outdoor surfaces. Rather than creating a barrier on top of your concrete, these kinds of sealants absorb into concrete and don’t compromise surface traction like topical ones do.

Why is SealantPro™ better than topical solutions?

SealantPro™ is a permanent, durable, and safe solution. It won’t become slick when wet, and it won’t wear off like topical solutions do. It protects your concrete after just one application and cures in only six hours. SealantPro™ is also UV resistant and silicone-based, so it won’t discolor over time, and it’s more eco-friendly than other chemical-based sealants.

Will it repair my cracked concrete?

Sealant is a preventative measure to keep your sidewalks, pool areas, and other concrete surfaces from damage. If you’re looking to repair your cracked or uneven concrete, Vesta Foundation Solution highly recommends getting PolyLevel® in addition to your SealantPro treatment. PolyLevel® is the leading permanent solution for repairing concrete. Learn more about our concrete repair services here.

Does SealantPro™ cost more than other sealants?

SealantPro™ is the most cost-effective sealant. Because it’s a deeply penetrating solution, it won’t wear off like others will. Less durable topical products have to be applied frequently, costing more over time.

Where can I get SealantPro™ for my concrete?

SealantPro™ is only available from contractors that are in the Supportworks network. Vesta Foundation Solutions of Arkansas carries both SealantPro™ and PolyLevel®, which we recommend using together to repair and protect your concrete. Call or click to schedule an inspection today. One of our design specialists will examine your concrete and give you a free estimate.