Foundation Wall Repair in Arkansas

Your home's foundation walls can tell you a lot. If they display cracks, bowing, or leaning, this is a severe issue that usually points to a problem with your foundation. It's important to have a professional inspection done to diagnose the problem and find the correct solution to restore structural integrity to your home. Our experts at Vesta Foundation Solution can help!

Signs That Indicate a Foundation Problem

Foundation wall problems aren't always easy to spot. Some symptoms are apparent, and some could be innocent. Typically, small cracks with a vertical pattern that never become larger are not an issue. These are the most significant signs that indicate a problem:

  • Stair-step crack patterns
  • Diagonal or horizontal wall cracks
  • Cracks that get larger with time
  • Bowing or leaning walls

How Wall Problems Happen

Issues with your foundation walls can happen from a few different causes. One prevalent problem that many homeowners have is foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is due primarily to the expanding soil cycle (shrinkage and expansion) directly dependent on the water content in the soil. This constant movement weakens dirt and can create air pockets beneath your home's foundation, which causes your home to sink or settle.

Another problem our experts see is hydrostatic pressure. Similar to settling, immense pressure around your basement walls happens when the soil is oversaturated. The force from the extra weight has to go somewhere – which ends up being your foundation walls. Bowing walls are the most obvious symptom of a problem with hydrostatic pressure.

Cracked foundation brick wall

Get a Free Inspection

Whatever your symptoms are, the team at Vesta Foundation Solutions can find the source. We'll have one of our repair experts assess your home to figure out what's causing your foundation problems. Then, we can help you determine which solution will be the most effective to restore your home's stability.