Foundation Repair & Slab Pier System Experts in Springdale

Our Slab Pier Systems

Our slab piers are made of galvanized steel, designed to permanently stabilize your home’s foundation and potentially even lift it back to its original position. They are driven deep down into the ground until they reach competent soil to support the weight of your home. 

Our pier systems include:

Push Piers

This Springdale push pier system is driven down deep into the soils with hydraulics and includes brackets to keep the piers anchored into place.   

Helical Piers

Our Springdale helical pier system includes galvanized steel piers that resemble a large screw and are essentially “screwed” into the ground. 

During your inspection, our Springdale foundation repair specialist will assess your foundation and your soil to determine the best option for your home.

Example of Slab foundation repair needed in residential home
Foundation Settle- Slab Pier product image

Pier System Features:

• Year-round installation 

• Resists corrosion 

• Minimally-invasive installation 

• A permanent solution to stabilize the foundation

• 25-year manufacturer's warranty

Are Slab Piers Right for Your Home?

There are many different solutions for foundation repair. In most cases, slab piers are an effective solution for foundation repair compared to other methods. See the chart below to compare different foundation repair methods we offer at our Springdale location:

Slab Piers vs. other Slab Settlement Repairs

Springdale Springdale Slab Pier Systems from Vesta

Rely on our foundation repair experts at Vesta to perform a quality inspection of your foundation and recommend the best possible solution for your home. All of your questions will be answered, and we will review the entire process with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the project. Contact us to schedule your free foundation inspection in Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and all nearby areas!