Water Heater Flood Protection in Springdale

Being a homeowner comes with common, inevitable problems. Leaks and flooding are at the top of this list as one of the most common insurance claims for home and business owners. Water damages may not always start where you would think, though. Water heaters are a huge culprit that is typically overlooked.

Water Heater Failure

The average water heater is only built to last about ten years. At this point, almost half of standard storage-type models experience failure and burst. When this finally happens, gallons of water can flood the floor. If your water heater is still automatically refilling, water will continue to pour out until you can get a professional to repair it.

The Best Preventative Solution

Because water heater failure is such a common problem, it’s wise to take preventative measures against potential water damage. That way, you can protect your home and belongings during the initial leak and while you wait for repairs.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we install the FloodRing® system to protect your home in the event of a failed water heater. This solution is easy to install, keeps you safe from the dangers of electricity and water, and prevents water damage. The FloodRing® design includes:

  • 4-inch PVC ring around installed around the water tank
  • Capability with floor drainage systems and sump pumps
  • WaterWatch® Floor Alarm to detect flooding as soon as it happens
  • Fast, easy installation
Example of flood ring product around water heater

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Installers

Invest in a cost-effective and easy solution to protect your home from water heater flooding. Installation is easy, and we provide free consultations to residents in Springdale so you can learn more before you decide. Reach out to our installation experts today to schedule a free consultation and see if FloodRing® is right for your home.