Foundation Floor Repair Near Springdale

Cracked or uneven basement floors aren’t something to be ignored. While small hairline cracks that stay the same size don’t usually pose a problem, growing or leaking cracks indicate structural failure. This means something is compromising the stability of your foundation.

Symptoms of Foundation Heave or Settlement

Normal cracks in cement happen during the curing process; these sometimes appear as shrinkage occurs while freshly poured cement dries. Shrinkage cracks are small and don’t ever change in shape or size. Cracks that you should worry about are ones that change, known as “active cracks,” or appear unlevel.

The symptoms you DO need to be concerned about include:

  • Cracks larger than a “hairline” crack
  • Active cracks that keep growing
  • Leaks in your foundation floor
  • Floor slab cracks that are uneven

Foundation Floor Repair Solutions

Vesta Foundation Solutions is a proud Supportworks dealer with numerous unique repair solutions for any foundation problem. When it comes to repairing foundation floors that have cracked and become uneven, we typically recommend one or more of the following:

  • Foundation Piers: restores stability back to your home permanently, lifting uneven and cracked slabs back to their original positions.
  • Slab Piers: designed specifically for foundation slabs by transferring the slab’s weight to load-bearing soil.
  • PolyLevel®: a lightweight foam that we inject under the slab to lift it back to a level position.
  • SmartJacks®: galvanized steel posts placed beneath weakened floor joists in your crawl space to help lift and stabilize sagging floors.


Get a Free Foundation Inspection

If you have cracks in your foundation slab that change in size, look uneven, or let water in, it’s time to consult a professional. We know it’s hard to pinpoint the problem on your own, so we offer free inspections to residents in Springdale and the surrounding areas.

Contact us to schedule your free inspection today so we can help you decide if your home needs foundation repair.