What is a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

If your home relies on a sump pump to protect your basement from flooding, it's crucial to have a backup system. Many things can cause your mechanical pump to fail, so having a secondary one that works even when your power is out is a wise investment.

Battery-powered sump pumps will run automatically in place of your mechanical pump in case of its failure. When there's an emergency, you can count on a backup pump to continue removing water from your basement.

Why are Battery Backup Sump Pumps Necessary?

Primary sump pumps can fail due to a variety of reasons. Power failure is the most obvious cause. A heavy storm that causes a power outage and flash flooding will put your basement at high risk for damage.

Another common mishap is a tripped circuit. This is especially true for sump pumps that are plugged into a GFI outlet.

Our team at Vesta has even seen cases where a homeowner simply forgot to plug their system back in after using the outlet for something else. In any case, all of these situations can lead to severe water damage to your basement and everything in it.

We Trust the PitBoss Backup System

The experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions have years of experience with all kinds of basement solutions. Our top recommendation for the best battery backup sump pump system is the PitBoss.

PitBoss Battery Backup

Benefits of the PitBoss Backup System

  • Highly durable and capable - The PitBoss Backup System far outlasts generic backup pumps. It's capable of pumping 13,000 gallons of water on one battery life. That's enough water to fill a small pool!
  • Extra battery attachment - To keep it running even longer, a spare battery can be attached to the PitBoss so that you can rely on twice its original capability.
  • Alarm system - An alarm sounds any time the PitBoss turns on, so you know that something has happened and needs attention immediately.

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